Neon Library was created as a reference guide for designers

working in Neon (& Argon), Neon Artists and Neon Sign


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The Image Library has hundreds of neon sign samples and

works of neon art along with links to dozens of designers

creating art and signs with neon.

The History of Neon gives a glimpse of the evolution of neon

from the original light of glowing tube in 1675, to the contemporary

uses of neon in art and signage today.

Technical information on the process of manufacturing neon,

and installing neon tubes with additional links to related subjects is

also available.

You will find a variety of examples matching neon tube colors with

Pantone® colors, neon color charts showing the vast neon color pallette, a visual chart of neon - illuminated vs. non-illuminated neon tubes.

Custom Neon Sign Design, Neon Art, Neon Graphics and a variety

of neon artist can found in the links section.

Neon Library was developed to assist in the process of designing and

building neon signs and neon art. Help us promote the use of this

unique and esthetic medium. Please feel free to send us your Neon

Images so we can add them to our Image Library for the benefit of

all Neon Lovers.

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